Need or Aesthetics Right

Custom poker chips were used not just by casinos to impress and show-off, but to protect their interest and their business as well. To most gamblers who visit land-based casinos, custom-built poker chips are just designer chips made especially for that casino. Well, it’s partly true, but there’s definitely a purpose for it.

Casinos opt for customized poker chips because they are avoiding and protecting their businesses from counterfeiting gamblers or thieves. The chips are usually made of amalgamated clay which makes them hard to reproduce. This really makes poker chips more expensive.

Casinos are generally trying hard to protect themselves from these counterfeiters because they can literally fail if the inevitable happens. Another way to further set up already customized poker chips is to print the unique casino logo on chips.

Casinos are making these preventive moves to protect their business and their money from stashed by circuit-counterfeiters. The chips are so small and practical and can be easily tucked into his pocket without someone noticing it. There are casinos that go further and take extreme actions in fixing their chips.

Apart from security, casinos also adapt their chips for aesthetic poker client to improve its appearance for added appeal. Casino guests can sometimes be too observant and poker chips add some more excitement and enjoyment to their game. Personalized poker chips have also been taken to the next level. Poker players who have their own collection are choosing to personalize their poker chips for added appeal and style. Personalized chips say something about its owner and his sense of style and status.

For a new collector, there are parts that are quite inexpensive but durable and there are also exaggerated parts that are a bit expensive. There are a number of choices and designs that suite the taste of poker fanatic.

For the more budget conscious poker chip collector, there are stickers that can be placed on store-bought poker chips. Others would design their own stickers using their computers and graphic designs can be printed using color-ink on the sticker paper. For the most Internet savvy, there are poker chip supplies on the internet and all they need to do is order.

For a more custom feel on you poker chips, there are poker supply shops as well as online auctions selling sets of 500 amalgamated clay chips at less than 30 cents per chip. Designing and fitting is up to the collector and there are many ways to do so. For the most upscale collector, the brand new poker chips can be ordered with a customized or hot label stamping for around $ 2 each chip.

Whether for security or aesthetic reasons, adapting chips for the poker client has been a fascination as well as a necessity for both the gambler and casino. The most important thing is that adapting has its purpose, whoever the owner is.

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